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Weekly Outline

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Week Major Topics

PREFACE and Preparation for the Course (Installation of required software)
1 Introduction and Review
- SQL Server and SSMS installation and setup - Review of DBS610 concepts
review of - joins - single line functions - order of precedence - order of execution - transactions
2 Aggregate Functions
COUNT, SUM, AVG, MIN, MAX, STDEV, VAR, GROUP BY and Business Data Summation
3 Sub-Queries and Set Operators
Nested Queries Union, Union All, intersect, minus/subtract
4 Software and Data Vulnerabilities
Unauthorized Access, Injection, Encryption, Parameterization
5 Intro to Procedural SQL
Conditional Statements
6 Cursors, Exception Handling, Sequences
continuation of procedural SQL
7 Review and Midterm
Review for midterm and midterm test
Study Week
8 Stored Procedures, User Defined Functions, Triggers
Stored objects as part of software architecture and vulnerability reduction
9 Advanced Stored Objects
Advanced UDFs and SPs, Returning Tables, Business Application of Objects
10 Introduction to NoSQL and MongoDB
Benefits and Drawbacks of NoSQL, NoSQL Overview, MongoDB Introduction, Installation and Orientation, Insert, Update, Delete, $set modifier
11 MongoDB Queries
Basic queries, Range selection, Set inclusion, Inequalities, Update modifiers ($set, $inc, $dec)
12 MongoDB Update Documents
JSON, Arrays, and Aggregation
13 Review and Assignment 2 Submission
Final assignment submission and review of topics for final test.
14 Final Test
The final assessment for the course

Code Examples and Resources

Code Examples

Code examples, where they are appropriate, are provided within each weeks content. Your professor may choose to do other code examples with you as well in addition to those here.