Welcome to DB311 - Advanced Database Services

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Weekly Outline

Week Major Topics
  PREFACE and Preparation for the Course (Installation of required software)
1 Introduction and SQL Review
Review of DML, including basic queries, filter, sorting, Joins, CRUD, operators and comparator
2 Extended SQL Review and Single-Line Functions
Single-Row Functions, Data Type Functions, Conversions, Indexes, Sequences and Identity, DDL statements (Create, Alter)
3 Multi-Row Functions
Grouping, Aggregate functions, Having Clause
4 Sub-Queries and Views
Query types (Scalar, List and Table), Embedding SQL Queries, review of views, comparing sub-queries and views.
5 Set Operators and Transactions
Venn Diagrams, Sets, Intersect, Union, Union All, Minus, Review of Transactions
6 Introduction to PL/SQL - Store Procedures and Exceptions
PL/SQL Standalone Procedures, Variables and Constraints, General Comparison Functions, Conditional Statements (IF, CASE), and Exception Handling
7 Mid Term Test
Study Week
8 More PL/SQL
Stored Procedures, Curser Attributes, Iteration Statements, User Defined Functions
9 Functions and Triggers
User Defined Functions Continued, Triggers, Real-Life Scenario
Install MongoDB Instructions
10 NoSQL - MongoDB
NoSQL Overview, Introduction to MongoDB, Databases, Collections and Documents
11 NoSQL Statements
Documents, Data Types, Create/Update/Delete Statements
12 NoSQL Queries
Ad-hoc Queries, Ranges, Set Inclusion, Inequalities
Document Replacement, Update modifiers, $set, $inc, $dec
13 NoSQL Aggregation
14 Final Assessment

Code Examples and Resources

Code Examples

Code examples, where they are appropriate, are provided within each weeks content. Your professor may choose to do other code examples with you as well in addition to those here.